Sell Your Used Totes

Container Exchanger specializes in selling bulk storage totes, 275 gallon IBC totes, plastic tote containers, and other storage bins. We act as a broker for both end users (such as manufacturing companies) and dealers and equipment liquidators. On, you can sell many different types of commonly used industrial totes. Under all circumstances, we sell thousands of used totes each year and we have the experience to ensure that your totes and containers find a new home quickly with a positive return on investment for your company.

Find out more about selling used totes!

nestable_attached_lid_container_2If you need to sell your used totes & containers, there is a service for you!

We have experience selling and distributing used reusable totes, IBC Totes, and shipping totes throughout the nation. We can sell your IBC Totes and Plastic Stackable Totes to large and small companies throughout North America. Used totes can take many different forms. We generally handle two types of containers, and both are referred to as “totes”. First, there is the Fluid Storage Tote, also known as an IBC tote, which comes in 275 and 330 Gallon Sizes. There is also a much smaller tote that can be usually handled by hand. These “hand totes” come in nesting totes, stacking totes, and stack & nest tote varieties.  No matter which type of tote or packaging you have, we can help sell them to another industrial buyer.